The term of Track & Trace System may be new to many but traceability of goods has been a great tool throughout the supply chains for both businesses and governments in the past couple decades and has gained more importance in almost all industries mainly for the public and consumer safety.

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At Sofa, safety is our priority, and we are committed to protecting people and creating safer society.
We’ve taken charge to do our part in such duty based on our core elements:

The Mission

To combat illicit trade & counterfeit products

The Vision

To provide strong authentication and secure traceability solutions

The Goal

To present sustainable steps forward to protect the products

The Values

Integrity, teamwork, innovation, customer satisfaction, collaboration


Sofa is a technology company that develops and supplies integrated product authentication and traceability solutions to governments and brand owners which helps them fight against counterfeit products, tax evasion, smuggling and reduce illicit trade practices. By working altogether, we can help our communities to become safer.

Our scalable, comprehensive and innovative solutions includes:

  • End-to-end Track & Trace system
  • Product Digitization (Digital ID)
  • Secure Traceability
  • Software & Platform
  • Equipment & Facility Certification


The rise on counterfeit products in many industries including medicines, food, beverages, chemicals, consumer goods, parts, medical supplies, and many more, threatens the brand integrity as well as consumer safety. With the improvement of “End-to-end T&T Systems*” in the supply chain, the risk of these imitations is minimized, the sale of illegal imports or stolen goods are prevented, and the process simultaneously helps manufacturers to avoid fraud in their drawback systems. Tracking products from source to shelf ensures that products pass through legitimate distribution and sale channels and allows consumers to verify their authenticity.

*Add a unique scannable barcode, QR code, NFC tag, digital watermark or other tamper-proof identifier to each packaging, which carries important info about the product.


Bringing the brands and consumers into the digital universe

Digital ID in a form of Barcode, QR code, NFC tag, microchip, digital watermark etc. is a crucial part of product digitization which is the backbone of secure traceability process throughout the supply chain. Our product digitization solutions helps not only to increase brand awareness and improve consumer engagement but to bring growth and security in long term.


Ensuring reliable distribution channels in product tracing & tracking.

Secure traceability enable all the parties of the supply chain monitor the distribution channels and reduce the risks in the process of placing the products on shelves, whilst boosting consumer confidence.

Abiding laws & regulations

There is a big push by the governments to regulate supply chains of products for consumer safety, and tax collection. Many states currently have laws and legislations on traceability, and more are expected to come.

Reducing risks effectively

Products may be lost or stolen when they are transported through distribution channels. With ST, they can be traced to minimize the risks and theft can be detected easily. Therefore, products are protected from the factory to store shelves.

Regulating the pricing strategies in the market

Some distributors and/or resellers may take advantage of selling the products with significantly higher prices in alternate markets, which may cause some financial loss as well as damages on brand reputation. With a standard pricing is set throughout the supply chain, no reseller can overcharge the customers.

Ensuring trustworthiness

Being able to monitor products throughout the distribution channels is a great way to question the trustworthiness of the parties involved in transportation from factory to destination.

Identifying quality concerns

Quality issues are commonly reported about products. With ST, it is possible to examine every steps of the whole distribution network to identify issues and address them accordingly and fast.


Secure software for data management, transfer and analysis

We develop and utilize industry-customized software and platform to register, secure and track the products. The customized software can easily interface with other software systems.

With using the platform, the user can do the following:

  • Data management and comprehensive analyses
  • Monitoring activities, inventory & geolocation and mapping products route-to-market.
  • Detection of suspicious activities
  • Full visibility on dashboard & generating reports
  • Creating a direct communication channel with end-consumer


Equipment and facility certification

Sofa is a licensed certification organization that provides with the following services:

  • Model and type certification of industry-specific equipment
  • Mechanical and IT inspection of select electronical devices in retail and public spaces
  • Inspection of specialized facilities


Sofa Technology & Innovation, a member of Sofa Group, is a family-owned start-up tech company providing services in research & development of technological solutions. Serving in other sectors in which our group companies utilized tech solutions over the years has led us into learning more about tech industry. Hence, we decided to start our technology company. We offer solutions mainly in product track & trace sector with “data science” approach utilizing IOT, conditional monitoring, data analytics & optimization and related technologies.


SOFA group currently operates in multiple sectors; Sofa Insurance, Sofa Vehicle Rental and Sofa Maritime serving its customers since 2020. Our excellent service, impeccable credibility and a wide business network access put our group on top of the list of the most reliable and preferred companies in the tech market.


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